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There's a lot of information out there. Some of it could save your life. I collect the good stuff and share it with you in a way that's understandable. Why wouldn't you want that?

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Pre-Race Nutrition for Young Sailors

Pre-Race Nutrition for Young Sailors
and the Young at Heart

   What we eat and drink on race day will impact our performance! Sailing is a strenuous physical activity. Though this pre-race nutrition video is aimed at youth sailors ...
Medical History Form Blog Post

Bring Your Medical History Form Onboard!

What would happen if you were seriously injured or keeled over out on the water and couldn’t speak for yourself? How would your mates and later your rescuers know the ...
Customize Your Boat's First Aid Kit leaves the boat

Customizing Your Boat’s First Aid Kit

In many parts of the world, we’re heading into the off-season for boating. It’s that time of year when we’ve squeezed every last ounce of boating from the season, when ...
Electric Shock Drowning

Electric Shock Drowning:
Spread. The. Word.

Growing up we spent summers living on our boat at South Shore Yacht Club. We put on our life jackets on Memorial Day and didn’t take them off until Labor ...
Wound Care on The Water

Just A Flesh Wound: Wound Care on The Water

Medical emergencies can be scary as all get out! You’re not alone. I’m here with you. The path to feeling more comfortable with emergencies is education and practice. Just like ...
One In A Million: When Lightning Strikes!

One In A Million: When Lightning Strikes!

National Lightning Safety Awareness Week is upon us. Who knew, right?! It runs from June 24th through the 30th this year. This is a great time for us to chat ...

What I Do

I spent a lifetime as an Emergency Room nurse and have brought that expertise and passion to help people on the water. Whether through a speaking engagement, team training, medical safety audit, or anything else, I am here to keep you safe.


Garry Jackson

“I would highly recommend Shelly Galligan (or La Capitána as I like to call her) to anyone requiring her types of services. I cannot reiterate enough her professionalism, expertise and passion for her job as she is one of those rare individuals that is driven by her love of the seas rather than her need to earn a living.”

Mike Schoendorf

“Always pleasant to be around and willing to tackle project management issues. Shelly is willing to learn and is open to expand her knowledge base.”

Dana Robb

“Her knowledge and ability, combined with her cool-headedness, helped to make the delivery not only successful but also an amazing learning experience and even enjoyable. I could tell you that I would trust Shelly with my life, but I already have.”

Phyllis McDonald

“Each year we try to bring educational and accessible content to the Midwest Women’s Sailing Conference. Shelly Galligan provided both in abundance. Her “First Aid on the Water” class was packed with material. Medical information can be dense and daunting, however Shelly’s insightful presentation style unpacked it for all kinds of boaters.”

Bob and Linda B

“The content (including the humor) was perfect for us since we are building our knowledge as we prepare to start our cruising adventure in a little over a year. My wife literally took 20 pages of notes and I took a picture of every slide. As you presented I kept thinking I wish you could join us or at least plug you into my brain.”


“Your down to earth approach was very eye-opening and made me think about situations that I otherwise would just have ignored until they occur.”


Your presentation was outstanding. We fully appreciate the need and benefit of being prepared — and also realize that our chincy Walgreens First Aid Kit is woefully inadequate.

Dick Hobbs

I have been pleased to be able to work with Shelly Galligan, who is an accomplished sailor and a resource for logistical movements of boats and providing ground support to offshore racing activities. Shelly does not miss any details and knows what to do whatever the situation. I am glad for the opportunity to utilize her capabilities.

Theo W

Your Offshore Medical Emergencies seminar was the highlight of all the seminars I attended at the boat show.

Jim K.

Thank you so much for making it possible for my friend Art to go out sailing. He’s so special to us. I’m surprised at how much this has affected me.