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SisterShip – Please Don’t Do That! – Burns

There are more than a few bits of misinformation out there about treating burns. Maybe you’ve heard that you should pop the blisters that form, or slather a burn in butter? Please don’t do that!

Click to read about the different types of burns; the three things to consider when assessing burns; when to evacuate your patient to an ER or Burn Center; and how to treat minor burns onboard. Hint: butter’s not involved.

Your own internet search may give other advice but remember that you can’t always trust Dr. Google. He’s only as good as the questions we ask him, and he doesn’t have malpractice insurance.

Have a medical myth you want busted? I’m all ears. Contact me and we’ll get to the bottom of it!

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SisterShip – Please Don’t Do That! – Nosebleeds

Today we clean up nosebleeds – or epistaxis, the fancy medical word for bleeding from the nose. Nosebleeds can be a big mess and the amount of blood can be scary. Additionally, bleeding in general tends to invoke anxiety for the patient and caregiver alike. We’ve all heard that the first thing to do in the event of a nosebleed is to tip your head back. PLEASE DON’T DO THAT! It will not help and could potentially make things worse. Ice packs won’t help either.

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SisterShip – Please Don’t Do That! – Seizures

Today we take on seizures. Watching someone have a seizure is a really scary thing and can leave us feeling powerless to intervene. We’ve all heard, read or seen in the movies when someone is having a seizure, we should stick something in their mouth so they don’t swallow their tongue. PLEASE DON’T DO THAT! It will not help and can potentially cause injury to the teeth and jaw.

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WoodenBoat – Medical Kit

WoodenBoat magazine-a beautiful publication for lovers of wooden boats, wooden boat owners and builders-has a tear-out section called Getting Started In Boats. In issue #268 May/June 2019 I wrote the GSIB section about building your own onboard medical kit. It was hand illustrated by Jan Adkins and is absolutely gorgeous.

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SisterShip – Please Don’t Do That! – Jellyfish

When I was working as an ER nurse, I was always bucking to have a bright red “hot phone” installed in the department for anyone who was thinking of doing something dodgy. You call me and I’ll tell you what I think. Very often I would have to say “Please Don’t Do That!”. In the world of offshore medicine, I am asked questions that make the words “Please Don’t Do That!” spring forth again. In my new regular column in SisterShip magazine, my beloved red phone meets paper. We bust medical myths, set the record straight and learn a thing or two about handling medical emergencies on the water. In this, my first column, we address the jellyfish.

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SpinSheet – Onboard Medical Kit

SpinSheet magazine, a wonderful publication dedicated to sailing on the Chesapeake, did a three-part safety series. For the final installment, “Your Onboard Medical Kit-Updating It For Sailing Season”,  they interviewed me for my thoughts on the subject.

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Shelly Harken Headshot

Harken Video Series

I teamed up with Harken to create a series of educational videos for the Harken Blockheads youth sailing program. Though they were created for youth sailors, the information applies to everyone, the young and the young at heart.

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Sailing Scuttlebutt – Avoid Draining Your Tank

Sailing Scuttlebutt, one of the oldest and most read digital-only sailing publications picked up our Harken Blockheads Hydration video and captioned it “Avoid Draining Your Tank”! Special thank you to editor Craig Leweck. We’re famous!

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South Shore Yacht Club – Compass Newsletter

An event at SSYC brought the handling of medical emergencies at the Club into the spotlight as well as the existing medical kit. I’m thrilled and privileged to be appointed as Fleet Surgeon going forward.

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