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Myth Busting: Treating Jellyfish Stings

myth busting: treating jellyfish stings

Over the past year, I’ve been writing a regular column for SisterShip Magazine. It’s a fun format where I take a medical myth and bust it wide open, replacing misinformation with the real thing. My goal, as always, is to educate boaters on handling medical emergencies on the water in a quirky and entertaining way. Please join me for the first installment where we take on the jellyfish. When I was working as an ER nurse, I was always bucking to have a bright red “hot phone” installed in the department for anyone who was thinking of doing something dodgy.…

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Heat Related Emergencies Cover Image

Heat Related Emergencies: What They Are and How to Treat Them

June 25, 2019

The temperature is heating up outside, which makes this a great time for us to discuss heat related emergencies. Out on the water we have the sun beating down from…

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Woman Wearing Sunglasses on the Beach

Eye Sunburn is Real: Here’s Why it Matters

May 24, 2019

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. With summer on her way and May being designated Healthy Vision Month by the National Eye Institute and supported by the…

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Sun Health: Skin Cancer and Sunburn

Sun Health: Skin Cancer and Sunburn

April 26, 2019

Two out of three light skinned people will be diagnosed with skin cancer in our lifetimes. I am one of them. It’s a pretty sobering thing to hear words like…

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Coast Guard

What the Coast Guard Wants Us to Know

In preparing seminars, medical safety audits and team trainings, I have contacted various United States Coast Guard facilities with the questions I’ve had. At the end of each conversation I’ve always asked this: What would you like boaters to know to make your job easier? Here is what they shared: Wear Your Life Jacket It seems so simple, yet how many of us are actually doing this regularly? If you…

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Pre-Race Nutrition for Young Sailors

Pre-Race Nutrition for Young Sailors
and the Young at Heart

   What we eat and drink on race day will impact our performance! Sailing is a strenuous physical activity. Though this pre-race nutrition video is aimed at youth sailors on race day, it’s for every sailor, everyday; high school and collegiate sailing teams; weekend regatta sailors; beer can racers; kids in sailing lessons; and those day sailing with the family. Good pre-race nutrition is critical to optimal performance and…

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Medical History Form Blog Post

Bring Your Medical History Form Onboard!

What would happen if you were seriously injured or keeled over out on the water and couldn’t speak for yourself? How would your mates and later your rescuers know the whole story? Our medical history, made up of our medical problems and medications, is really, really personal and no one’s business, until it has to be. Why Knowing Your Medical History Is So Important I recently came across an interesting…

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Customize Your Boat's First Aid Kit leaves the boat

Customizing Your Boat’s First Aid Kit

In many parts of the world, we’re heading into the off-season for boating. It’s that time of year when we’ve squeezed every last ounce of boating from the season, when our haul out checklists dance in our heads, and winterizing plans can be found skittering through our consciousness. We’ve had amazing summers filled with day sailing, racing, cruising, fishing and dock parties. We’ve gathered enough stories to regale our mates…

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