Simple Wound Care on the Water

We’ve talked about wound care in a previous post, and I’m a big fan of repetition, especially for subjects that can seem daunting. Here is a video we did for Harken Blockheads to review some of the concepts. The more we talk about things like this, the more likely they are to become muscle memory when you need them.

The things I want you to take with you are: understanding the difference between a simple wound, easily cared for aboard, and a more complex wound that may require antibiotics or further medical care; how to stop bleeding, inspect, clean and dress wounds; the signs of infection and how to monitor for them; and the importance of having an onboard medical kit stocked with supplies that perform well in the marine environment. I also want to remind you to make sure your tetanus shot is up to date before heading out.

Please consider taking a CPR/AED class and a basic first aid class. This is a gift we give each other. If you require a certification approved by the United States Coast Guard or US Sailing, I teach American Heart Association CPR/AED and First Aid classes. It only takes five people to schedule a class at your location. If you don’t require certification and would like a boat-specific nautical first aid class, I teach that too. Contact me and we can discuss the options. Thank you and stay safe out there.

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