John W.

I attended one of Shelly’s seminars as I thought it a good idea to brush up on boat medicine AND I had a rare Saturday morning without a child needing a ride to a sporting event. While I thought I’d be more passive, she grabbed my attention immediately and delivered actionable insight. I’ve always had a medical kit onboard but never really examined the contents to see if they are appropriate for my boat’s needs. If I recall properly, I bought kit based on size of box and cost. How old is my kit – are any contents expired?

Fortunately, I’ve only needed bandages a few times but what happens if something real happens?

While I’m not going to paramedic school tomorrow, I will be reviewing my kit and making upgrades or full replacements before our season starts. I’ll also create a smaller kit to bring with me when racing on my friend’s boat. And I’ve also purchased an alarm for our docks to check for electrical current when my kids are swimming.

While ignorance may be bliss, I don’t want to leave my future water ‘fun’ to chance. I believe the knowledge Shelly gave us will help ensure our future water fun! If you are a boater or someone that spends time on or near the water, I strongly recommend attending one of Shelly’s seminars.