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"Each year we try to bring educational and accessible content to the Midwest Women’s Sailing Conference. Shelly Galligan provided both in abundance. Her “First Aid on the Water” class was packed with material. Medical information can be dense and daunting, however Shelly’s insightful presentation style unpacked it for all kinds of boaters."

Phyllis McDonald

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"The content (including the humor) was perfect for us since we are building our knowledge as we prepare to start our cruising adventure in a little over a year. My wife literally took 20 pages of notes and I took a picture of every slide. As you presented I kept thinking I wish you could join us or at least plug you into my brain."

Bob and Linda B

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"Your down to earth approach was very eye-opening and made me think about situations that I otherwise would just have ignored until they occur."


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Your presentation was outstanding. We fully appreciate the need and benefit of being prepared -- and also realize that our chincy Walgreens First Aid Kit is woefully inadequate.


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Your Offshore Medical Emergencies seminar was the highlight of all the seminars I attended at the boat show.

Theo W

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While ignorance may be bliss, I don’t want to leave my future water ‘fun' to chance. I believe the knowledge Shelly gave us will help ensure our future water fun! If you are a boater or someone that spends time on or near the water, I strongly recommend attending one of Shelly’s seminars.

John W.

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As an Episcopal priest who preaches each week, your mastery of rhetoric and public speaking is great. I've been in your seminars at Midwest Women's Sailing Conf., Larsen Marine, and Chicago boat show. I learn new, valuable stuff every time, and did again on Saturday at CCYC.

Jeannette D.

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Thank you for what I would consider the best marine first aid presentation I have ever attended. You are a great public speaker and your whole presentation allowed us all to gain valuable and perhaps life-saving information. GOOD JOB!

Craig W.

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Engaging...much more than I expected! Shelly's subject knowledge is surpassed only by her enthusiasm. A must for novices and veterans alike.

John – Retired FEMA Emergency Manager

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Shelly’s expertise comes across in an easy to understand fashion. Shelly’s combination of boating and emergency room experience makes her seminars worthwhile and her product recommendations worth considering.

Dave Brezina

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"I would highly recommend Shelly Galligan (or La Capitána as I like to call her) to anyone requiring her types of services. I cannot reiterate enough her professionalism, expertise and passion for her job as she is one of those rare individuals that is driven by her love of the seas rather than her need to earn a living."

Garry Jackson

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"Always pleasant to be around and willing to tackle project management issues. Shelly is willing to learn and is open to expand her knowledge base."

Mike Schoendorf

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"Her knowledge and ability, combined with her cool-headedness, helped to make the delivery not only successful but also an amazing learning experience and even enjoyable. I could tell you that I would trust Shelly with my life, but I already have."

Dana Robb

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I have been pleased to be able to work with Shelly Galligan, who is an accomplished sailor and a resource for logistical movements of boats and providing ground support to offshore racing activities. Shelly does not miss any details and knows what to do whatever the situation. I am glad for the opportunity to utilize her capabilities.

Dick Hobbs

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Thank you so much for making it possible for my friend Art to go out sailing. He’s so special to us. I’m surprised at how much this has affected me.

Jim K.

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