Pure Aloe Vera – Nature’s Little First Aid Friend

Pure aloe vera


Aloe vera is an amazing plant that has been used medicinally for thousands of years. The jelly like goo found inside its spiky leaves has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, moisturizing and pain-reducing magic. Science tells us that it aids in healing minor burns such as sunburn, abrasions and skin irritations. Applying aloe vera topically promotes healing, and reduces the pain, burning and itching associated with sunburns. If you don’t have room on the boat for a plant, look for 100% pure gel, without creepy additives or colorants. I’ve had good luck finding Lily of the Desert and Fruit of the Earth brands locally and online. For an extra bit of cooling, keep it in the fridge.

Note: Applied topically, aloe vera gel has no serious side effects, although a few people may experience allergic skin reactions. Apply a small amount on a little patch of skin; if you notice a rash, swelling, or itching, discontinue using it.

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